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Christian Athletic Association (CAA) is a sports organization which seeks to make an impact in the lives of children, adults, families and our community. We use of the structure of sports as we seek to build character and deepen relationships through competition and training. We emphasize respect for authority, one's self, teammates and opponents, to compete to full ability with honor and equity. Our mission to "Train Athletes and Build Character" has been the cornerstone of CAA since its inception in 1985 and we continue to build upon that foundation today..

CAA was founded by Dwayne "Nic" Nicodemus. His vision and passion along with that of Sandi McQuaid (CAA's Administrator since the beginning) is what drove the organization forward. Over the years, CAA has been blessed with countless volunteers who shared the vision of fostering a sports environment that was different than a typical recreational league. After a bout with cancer, our beloved "Mr. Nic" passed away on November 7th, 2008. In the wake of Nic's death, CAA went through a transitional periods of sorts; but, we are pleased to announce that our programs are growing once again and continuing to offer programs with the goal of making an impact on the lives of children and adults! 

All of our coaches sign a Leadership Covenant, as we strive to keep our focus on God's free gift of salvation through Christ Jesus.

See our Programs page for a complete list of CAA's programs, as well as those currently running and those for which you can now register. 

There are some very exciting things on the horizon for CAA and we are looking forward to making an announcement in the near future about the next step for our organization!

For information on how you can get involved with CAA, or to become a partner/sponsor, please contact CAA's Sports Manager Dave Tracht


Growing up in CAA in the early years (80's & 90's) my family was deeply involved and devoted to the mission of the organization. My father was a baseball & soccer coach, soccer referee & our head baseball umpire. My mother was involved in many different aspects in the organization, pitching in to help wherever it was needed, including managing the concession stand in addition to carting my sisters and I to games and being an incredible behind the scenes support. Myself and my two sisters played every sport that the organization offered and litterally grew-up on the fields of CAA (perhaps them quicker than me). We learned many life lessons from the wonderful christian men & women who were involved, and CAA continues to hold a special place in our hearts!

Mr. Nic was a wonderful example to me, and many others, of a true servant leader, putting in countless hours to make it possible for us to play sports each week. As a child, I have to admit that I took this for granted, although as I've grown and matured, his work ethic and active leadership continues to inspire me. He was (and remains) a wonderful example of a godly husband, father and leader. My mother was simply the most sacrificial person I have ever met.

Losing two incredible christian examples in my mother Connie and Mr. Nic to cancer (within a few years of each other) has had a profound impact on my life. Seeing the courage and grace with which they faced the prospect of death drove home to me things I thought I knew, but wasn't necessarily reflecting in my daily life: The facts that Heaven is real, God is sovereign and He loves His people! And, above all: there is one salvation, offered freely to all, through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross. A decision of what you believe about who Jesus was and what He did here on earth must be made! I praise God that He has graciously opened my ears to hear, my mind to reason and my heart and soul to rest in the absolutel truth of the wonderful good news of salvation!

I am incredibly humbled each day by the fact that God continues to bless my life in many incredible ways! I am blessed to have married a loving, sacrificial woman (Erin) who continues to encourage and challenge me each day to become a better man, husband and father. We have 5 wonderful children: Toby (9), Finley (7), Lydia (6), Brady (2) and our newest addition Sawyer!

I am also incredibly blessed to have my life come full-circle, back home to CAA where I am humbled to be in the position of running our programs. There is, without fail, a moment each day when I feel unworthy, when I feel an incredible weight of responsibilty, when I feel like the luckiest person on earth and when I am nearly driven to tears by the grace of God when I think about where I've been and where I am now. The fact that I now get to see my children grow up in CAA, as I did, is one of the most incredible blessings I could ever hope to have received from God!

As we continue to work together and strive to grow CAA, with the goal of showing the love of God to as many children and adults as possible through sports, it is my earnest prayer that we continue to walk in faith, remembering that the "C" in CAA goes first and we should always hold it high, clinging to the cross for our one great hope of salvation.

I am supremely confident that God has some incredible things in store for CAA in the future and Lord willing, I hope to share them with you all! God bless you!

In Christ,

Dave Tracht

CAA Sports Manager/CAA Park Caretaker

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